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Like so many dreamers, we imagine going on a journey towards a fantasy land free from modern problems. A peaceful place with vivid colors, clean air, trippy scenery, and crystal castles. Heading down a road or following a pathway towards something which ultimately leads to a different dimension is a common motif in psychedelic art.

We wanted to capture the essence of taking a trip to a fantasy destination while paying homage to a classic theme from our beloved home state, Kansas. There’s no place like home.


Babes Rage teamed up with London based illustrator, Sinead Yau (Mojo Valley) to capture the essence of “Follow The Golden Road” towards the alluring Sunset on the Horizon.

Grow A Rainbow. Guided by a meditation, visualization of meadows, exquisite fragrances, verdant grasses, and splendour. Scattering seeds and watching the sun and rain nurture them. What words make up your rainbow? (Illustration and caption by Mojo Valley)

Mushrooms, poppies, and crystals. Oh, my! Here are some of the inspiration photos we gathered and sent Sinead when she first started working her magic, sketching the illustration for Babes Rage. 

The Wizard of Oz, 1939
Dorothy Looks Towards Oz


We fell in love with Mojo Valley in Spring, 2020 when Babes Rage began expanding our network, building upon the foundation we formed in Brooklyn, NYC in 2017.

Soon after we came across the Mojo Valley Instagram page, Sinead’s art went viral with this lovely  commissioned piece for jewelry company, August Rivers.

Mojo Valley commissioned illustration for jewelry brand, August Rivers

Find August Rivers online on Etsy and on Instagram

We love supporting artists as a defining element of our brand. We were delighted with the opportunity to work with Mojo Valley. We wanted to share a little more about Sinead with our Go Go crew, to find out what inspires her and some of her dreams for the future. We hope you enjoy the interview with Sinead. To learn more about and purchase goods from Mojo Valley, visit her shop.  


Babes Rage: Thank you for the lovely illustration and yu=our time, Sinead. For the Babes Rage Go Go crew, would you mind to tell us about your background as an artist?

Mojo Valley: Hello flowers, I’m Sinead from London UK. From school age, I was always passionate about art & design. After I received my degree in graphic design, I worked in the industry for a few years, starting out at a children’s clothing company, then as an in-house designer for British jewellery brand Tatty Devine. I later trained as a teacher of Design & Technology, teaching in London and Vancouver Canada schools. I learnt about so many creative processes including laser cutting, woodworking, jewellery making and textiles. I started illustrating in my spare time which kickstarted my Instagram account. Since having my daughter in 2018, I have continued to pursue drawing, it helps me feel calm when life gets a little overwhelming. I also wanted to inject some creative energy back into my identity and share positive art with the community. I work both digitally and hands-on. I hope my art makes people smile.

Babes Rage: What inspires you?

Mojo Valley: Much of my inspiration stems from 60s and 70s culture, from fashion, music and home decor. I also love Mid-Century Modern design and architecture, astrology and my travels. I lived and worked in Vancouver Canada for 5 years and in that time I got to travel a fair amount. One of my favourite sources of inspiration was Salvation Mountain in California whilst on a US road trip.

Babes Rage: Who are some of your favorite artists or icons?

Mojo Valley: In 2016 I became obsessed with the work of Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele who instilled amazing 70s style into his collections. I buy a few designer pieces when funds permit. I’m inspired by psychedelic illustrator Peter Max. Print designer Natalie Gibson, 1960s/70s Biba designer Barbara Hulanicki, Emilio Pucci, and fashion designers Mary Quant, Marimekko and Orla Kiely. Textile designer Eleanor Bowmer is an all-round amazing designer of gorgeous products.

Babes Rage: What are some of your biggest dreams, wishes, or goals for the future?

Mojo Valley: Most importantly, mine and my family’s health (physical and mental wellbeing). It’s important that we take care of ourselves. A change of UK government because I am saddened and fed up by a decade of austerity.

Equality for all and for us to take climate change more seriously doing what we can to respect our planet and each other. Finish renovating my home and create a happy, stress-free space to live in. 

To enroll in a pattern print design course which I was supposed to do before pandemic madness took over. I would love to continue with my commissions for small businesses, helping them grow. My future dream would be to run a textiles design and illustration studio and create my own fabric prints that can be turned into products that I sell on my own website and in other stores. I miss travel, I’m keen to go on a safari, snowboard again and visit South America.

I am so grateful to everyone who has supported my art, it really means everything to me. Thank you Jenny @babesrage for inviting me to chat and for collaborating with me. Flower Power love and hugs xo

Babes Rage: Thank you so much Sinead! We love your work and wish you all the best in the future!

'Follow the Golden Road' Original Art Eco-Groovy Unisex Graphic Tee. Commissioned design for Babes Rage by Mojo Valley, 2020

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