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Together, Babes Rage and Golden Hippie Co enjoy a shared love of 60s and 70s inspired fashion, beauty, and vintage. However, there comes a time to stand up and speak out about larger issues.The whole world experienced one of those times on May 25, 2020 after the unfathomable murder of George Floyd. An unbelievably cruel act of police brutality, captured on video sparked an outcry. Black Lives Matter! The killing sparked a long overdue collective uprising which led to heated protests, conversations about racism, and information exchange on social media. 

Collectively, we learned that we need to do better for our black friends and family. We need to listen. We need to give others the opportunity to express themselves and support them, acknowledging that we may not fully understand. It’s our job collectively to make sure our peers feel seen and valued. Hopefully this is the beginning of much needed permanent change.


There’s always room to learn and grow. Sometimes large impacts are created within small, niche communities. Or via one on one conversations with friends. (We definitely experienced that personally at Babes Rage as we discussed pertinent issues with Golden Hippie). 

Social media provides us with an opportunity to connect with each other through shared interests and niche markets. Our networks, the Golden Hippie Good Vibes Tribe and the Babes Rage Go Go crew are connected through a shared love of the 1960s and 1970s. A groovy and golden era of exciting cultural and socio-political change. A huge part of the era we love is the history of people from all walks of life and backgrounds coming together to celebrate fashion, music, and dance. 


Over the past week, we saw many people in our networks embodying the come together spirit of the 60s and 70s, supporting each other in the best way they could. We saw people sharing lists of POC owned businesses, encouraging patronage and support. We were moved by this concept and wanted to follow suit by searching for POC run IG accounts specifically with a 60s and 70s inspired aesthetic. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing info and finding new people to follow! 

But we were left wondering….so, what now? We’ve seen the posts on social media advocating, supporting POC operated businesses and IG accounts. How can we make sure the impact of these posts, evolves from a social media trend into a conscious practice that is implemented permanently?


Babes Rage linked up with Chelsea of Golden Hippie Co to hear her thoughts. Let’s learn a little about Golden Hippie! 

Chelsea of Golden Hippie Co, 2020

Babes Rage: Chelsea, we understand Golden Hippie is a relatively new start-up. Can you tell us more about your business?:

Golden Hippie: I would love to!! Golden Hippie was created to provide funky one of a kind accessories that make you feel golden! Once you feel golden you are able to to fully show up and show out within your community properly. That is the spirit of Golden Hippie. I placed my business within the 70s era because I felt it was only right! The 70s brought change, liberation, and funky fashion. The golden era of the 70s is what I want to emulate in everything I do in Golden Hippie. Being a black owned business, there are often times when we begin to question our appeal to the non-black community, however we still want to live out a dream and thrive as entrepreneurs just like our non-black counterparts. I believe that with help from other solidarity brothers and sisters we can all strive because there is enough sun for everyone!


Here are a few insights we gathered from our exchange with Golden Hippie. Hopefully by implementing the following, we can turn the social media trend advocating POC businesses into permanent change. 

  • Follow, like, and share POC accounts
  • Don’t be afraid to follow accounts or support businesses run by people who look different than you. (It may sound silly but it’s super relevant).
  • Embrace expanding your network. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how refreshing it is to get a new perspective and diversify your feed
  • Do research and give credit where credit is due. Many popular trends have roots in black culture and yet often, the originators (especially black women) don’t get proper credit. 
  • When checking out POC IG accounts and businesses, pay special attention to start-ups and accounts with 2k or less followers. These businesses need the most support in general.
  • Keep in mind, POC operated businesses, especially start-ups may face obstacles that you’ve never considered. Simply because it’s not your reality.
  • When considering the products, services, and businesses you patron, think about the spectrum of your choices. How many of the businesses you support are owned by POC? Take note and then make a conscious effort to even out the playing field. 
  • Be patient with yourself and others. It’s ok if you don’t do everything perfectly. Conscious effort goes a long way!

Change doesn’t happen overnight. But together we can make a difference. In many ways, we are just getting started! We hope you’ll support each other as we grow collectively. Check out the IG post and please feel free to comment with your favorite POC 60s and 70s inspired accounts. Let’s stay golden and keep go-going! 

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