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Do you love 1960s and 1970s inspired fashion? Babes Rage is searching for 2-3 badass babes to model our brand new eco-groovy graphic tees while expressing the spirit of our lifestyle and motto, Babes Rage! 


  • Be located in Lawrence, KS
  • Must be able to self-style (make-up, hair, as well as wardrobe in addition to the tee or sweatshirt we supply for the duration of the shoot) according to 60s/70s aesthetic 
  • Date, time and outdoor location TBD by the photographer (Jenny Pierce) and model collaboratively
  • Arrive fully styled on shoot date. (Please be on time)
  • Shoot will last no more than 2 hours start to finish
  • Important* Photographer and model will practice physical distancing. Photographer will wear a mask as much as possible. Model is encouraged to wear/bring a mask. (Even though masks might be difficult to work with and will be removed for the shoot. Let’s be prepared and stay vigilant).
  • Please submit a brief introduction and photos of yourself (reflecting your fashion and styling skills) to by July 19th, 2020
  • Please include a link to your Instagram or Facebook
  • Models will be contacted on July 20th ~ 21st to set up a photo shoot date/time 
  • Shoot is PAID, $75 for 2 hours


  • Babes Rage Original Art Eco-Groovy Graphic Tees are currently available in size XS-3XL 
  • We’re looking for models to showcase the range of sizes we offer. This is very important to our brand moving forward.
  • Please do not be discouraged by the word “babe” or the term “model.” We are open to everyone! 
  • If you feel you would love to represent our groovy Babes Rage aesthetic, please don’t hesitate to submit!
  • Do you roller skate or skateboard? That’s an extra plus! Babes Rage is about go go dancing and activity in general. 
  • Please feel free to include any videos or pics of you dancing, riding, gliding, etc. in your submission email
Image Source IG @70s.ztyle
Farrah Fawcett on skates. Babes Rage!
Farrah Fawcett skateboarding



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Rage on, Babes Rage

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