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Do you wanna create the Go Go Dance dream with us? Are you a wild star who loves doing the pony? Do you have the fire of a groovy ragin’ babe in your heart and feet? If you answered yes to those questions AND live in Lawrence, Kansas or the Kansas City area then, BABES RAGE WANTS YOU!



1. Align with our motto

As a Babes Rage dancer, you’ll simultaneously be a brand ambassador of sorts. In addition to “Babes Rage,” here are a few of our mottos to give you an idea of our founding principles: “In Babes We Trust,” “By The Babes, For The Babes,” and “We Fly.”

As performers, we’re here to be kind, groovy, and a little badass while entertaining and sharing our love of 60s and 70s inspired dance (with a twist of rock n’ roll) with our audience and followers. We’re here to dance, spread our love of dance to others, vibe high, get down and encourage others to get down as well. On a larger scale, our message is to encourage people to get up and get a go going towards their brightest, biggest dreams. 

We’re looking for dancers with a positive frame of mind, to work together, have fun, make others feel welcome and inspired to dance at our event(s). Babes Rage has zero tolerance for cattiness or low vibes! Be groovy or leave, man!

2. Group choreography (as well as feature solo Go Go Dancing)

You do not have to be a traditionally trained technical dancer to audition, but you do need to be a skilled go go dancer. In particular, you need the ability to learn choreography relatively quickly as we’ll be dancing as a group in choreographed numbers. If you’re interested in our group dance style and biggest influences, check out some of our favorite dancers on our Dance Archive page.

This notice gives you time to start stretching and learning or brushing up on your Go Go dance steps now. Go Go is fast paced cardio. Trust, you will feel the burn!

3. Love dancing, ambitious to excel, enjoy encouraging others, and performing 

Last but not least! The biggest requirement is that you love to dance, already have a general vocabulary of steps, are able to pick up group choreography relatively quickly in rehearsals, and truly enjoy practicing routines. We’ll come prepared and try to move fast (within reason) in rehearsals so as not to waste anyone’s time. (Time is precious. We know that).

Within choreographed group routines, there will be short solos where you’ll shine and apply your own style as an individual performer. In addition to choreographed numbers, there will also be instances where you’ll be freestyle go go dancing in a party setting on stage, a go go box, or bar top depending on the location, regulations, etc.

In that respect (and because Babes Rage has Burlesque roots), we’re also interested in working with dancers and entertainers skilled in pole or who fit under the more contemporary definition of a go go dancer.


Some pics highlighting the energy we’re looking for in Babes Rage dancers To see more of what inspires us and the BR aesthetic, check out our lively Instagram Page

Babes Rage does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender or disability. If you’ve got moves and resonate with our style and philosophies, we’d love to hear from you. 


If this sounds groovy, simply email us your name to and we’ll be in touch with a follow-up! 


This is an initial call. We’re still in the developmental stage. When we move forward, there will most likely be roles (in addition to dancing) and opportunities to work with Babes Rage. If you’d like to get on board with the Babes Rage collective or express general interest in what we’re planning, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email at

Lastly, we understand the pandemic has been very challenging on venues and event planners. In many respects, the future is still to be determined however, if you or someone you know is affiliated with a venue of interest in Lawrence or Kansas City, please don’t hesitate to pass on our contact  information. Once we’re able to socialize again, we wanna rage with you! -Babes Rage

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