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Babes Rage is currently offering two monthly 60s and 70s online dance group classes, 60s Go Go and 70s Showgirl. Group classes are on Saturday at 12:00 PM CDT. Convert to your time zone here. Dance classes consist of 3 parts. For more about the Babes Rage dance style and class structure, check out: 60s and 70s Dance Class with Jenny. We’re keeping our dance class prices reasonable so, they are accessible to everyone and you can take class frequently if you’d like. All classes are booked and purchased via our monthly calendar. Once you enter registrant information at checkout, you’ll receive an email with a Zoom link for class. As with anything, practice is key. And dancing is a great workout. Let’s go go! 


Our one and a half hour 60s and 70s online dance class consists of 3 parts: 1. A Go Go Dance Warm-Up, 2. Burlesque style Go Go dancing, and 3. a section for learning a choreographed 60s or 70s inspired routine. Warm-up contains both 60s foundation moves and 70s variations. (Warm-up is the same in both 60s Go Go as well as 70s Showgirl Class). Our 60s Go Go class features 60s music and entertainment as the source of inspiration. The choreography in 60s dance class places emphasis on 60s Go Go dance classics like the pony, the twist, and the swim. Class will be fun, simple, and packed full of music and moves. Go Go is great cardio!


Our 70s Showgirl class features 70s music and entertainment as the source inspiration. The choreography in 70s Showgirl class places emphasis on Burlesque and a basic Jazz movement vocabulary.


One on one sessions are brand new as of August, 2021. Can’t make group class? Wanna take 60s and 70s dance at your own pace? Maybe you just want a one on one workout session or more dance time? One on one dance sessions with Jenny are a good chance to review class material or break down each move from group classes at your own pace.

Some of the things we can work on during one on one sessions:

– Rhythm training

– Footwork

– Specific moves (example: you’re working on nailing the mashed potato and want to focus on that specifically)

– Group class review

– Preparation for a specific gig or event

– Choreography for an act

One on one sessions give us a chance to form a great connection. Can’t wait to dance with you. See you in class!

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