The Youth is our Future: Young Artists Project


The Youth is our Future: Young Artists Project Illustration by Perry May (@artbyperrymay)

Introducing Babes Rage, “The Youth is our Future: Young Artists Project.” This project aims to encourage and foster the growth of young artists who will be commissioned to produce new work for our brand. The Babes Rage, “The Youth is our Future: Young Artists Project,” promotes and supports the progress of young creatives by providing a platform for producing art (illustrations, designs, collages) in a professional capacity. “The Youth is our Future: Young Artists Project” was developed in collaboration with our first feature illustrator, Perry May of Lawrence, Kansas. Perry, whose Babes Rage illustrations will be released next week as the first feature of this series, played an instrumental role in developing the concept and solidifying the process of this project. It’s our hope you’ll support this new project and Perry May’s budding art career by following her social media accounts, giving positive feedback, and potentially commissioning work from Perry and any additional young artist we introduce as part of this project in the future.

The voice and creative vision of our youth truly is our future. Utilizing our brand as a platform, we want to give young designers and artists first-hand experience designing commissioned illustrations professionally.


  • This project is open for young artists (18 and under) who are actively creating and pursuing creative work as a professional endeavor.
  • Although specializing in 60s and 70s aesthetics isn’t a requirement, selected artists must be able to adapt and design in an aesthetic compatible with the Babes Rage brand motifs and style
  • Artists will be selected based on their portfolio of work and enthusiasm to participate in the project
  • The entire process from communicating to design ideation, sketching, and finally producing and delivering high-resolution files closely follows the process of an illustrator working professionally creating commissioned pieces for a brand.
  • Our artists will be expected to see the project through to the end and deliver professional results. While we don’t expect perfection, we do expect commitment and dedication. There will be opportunity for guidance and feedback throughout the process.
  • Given we’ll be working with young artists, education comes first, and anyone under the age of 18 must get permission from a parent or guardian to participate in the project and design for Babes Rage.
  • We compensate for all commissioned illustrations. (We encourage young artists not to do professional-level work for free unless by choice and after careful consideration or for a good cause. Your talent deserves compensation at every level accordingly). We pay based on portfolio, skill level, and on a project-to-project basis meaning pay rate is determined by the amount of work and complexity of the commissioned design(s).


If you’d like to refer a young artist for this project or nominate yourself, please get in touch with us at or DM us on our Instagram account. Let’s make art!

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