Travel Dreams by Perry May


Meet Lawrence, Kansas-based young artist Perry May. Perry is a multi-talented creative, illustrator, and skilled ceramicist.

We met Perry at a festival in Lawrence in the Fall when she expressed interest in designing for Babes Rage. From there, we began collaborating on her Travel Dreams illustrations as part of our The Youth is our Future: Young Artists Project.”

At our first coffee meet-up, we discussed a Babes Rage travel theme. Perry conceptualized incorporating the title of our new project, “The Youth is Our Future,” on a book a passenger is reading on-board the Babes Rage airplane.

Travel Dreams main illustration by Perry May
70s inspired Babes Rage airplane designed by Perry May

Perry’s complete set of illustrations for Babes Rage is available as a 6-piece sticker pack

Babes Rage Travel Dreams sticker pack

Learn a little more about Perry and her aspirations as an artist in our interview below.


Babes Rage: Your IG bio says that you’re a young artist sharing your work. Are you a student? If so, is art something you’d like to pursue as a career?

Yes, I am a student! I am a junior in high school and would love to pursue art as a career. Whether I go the business route or the education route, I know I want to do something in the art field. 

Babes Rage: Can you tell us a little about your background and interests? How did you first get into art? 

I have been doing art all my life; whether it was crafts, painting, or textiles, it has always been something I have enjoyed from a young age. I loved finger knitting and drawing figures and faces. 

Babes Rage: What inspires you most? Do you have any favorite artists or subjects?

My teachers and peers are some of my favorite artists as well as people who inspire me—inspiring me to challenge myself and make great art! Other than people whom I am very close to, I enjoy a lot of historical art and female artists. Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite feminist artists who was making art before the term “feminist art” was commonly practiced. 

One of Perry May’s illustrations for International Women’s Day

Babes Rage: Do you have plans, shows, or projects we should be on the lookout for in the future?

I always have projects I’m working on; being in two studio art classes, I am working toward growing my portfolio all the time! There are always new projects I am starting for school, commission, or in my free time.

Babes Rage: If you could give advice or encouragement to fellow young artists, what would you advise?

Do what kind of art makes you happy. Sometimes in a classroom setting teaching art, we are told we’re good at one thing or one way/formula to make art when that should be up to the artist and their interests because art has no limitations. Challenge yourself in positive ways, don’t be afraid to try something new or change the process. Change is the best step to growth.

Self-love sauce by Perry

We are so happy to have Perry as part of the Babes Rage collective and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her as a bright art star. Keep up with Perry’s journey as an artist by following her Instagram account: @artbyperrymay

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