Babes Rage started as a Go Go dance group based out of Brooklyn, NYC, a group of friends with a shared passion for doing the pony, the twist, and the shimmy!

As the group evolved, we envisioned sharing our motto (Babes Rage!) further by creating a collective: a Go Go crew.

The Babes Rage community, or “Go Go crew” stands for BWBTV–Babes Who Build Their Visions! Our heroes are fashion icons, movers and shakers, creatives, pin-ups, performers, style queens, illustrators, make-up artists, athletes, vocalists, entrepreneurs, and independent business owners, just to name a few. 


A huge part of our love for the 1960s and 1970s, (the era from which Go Go dancing first rose to wild popularity), is the fashion that went hand in hand with the dance moves. This is what we call “Go Go Fashion,” not to be confused with fast fashion.

Go Go Fashion is made up of Go Go Looks! A Go Go Look can be any ensemble ranging from colorful lounge wear, to glamourous showgirl costumes, fringe mini-dresses, to denim flares paired with a vintage-inspired t-shirt. 


Introducing…Babes Rage Original Art Eco-Groovy Graphic Tees!

Our garments are sourced from the most reputable suppliers of eco-friendly apparel in the industry. Made in the USA, each shirt is cut, sewn, and shipped by an employee working ethically in a safe environment, making a livable wage.  

Additionally, Babes Rage works with an eco-friendly, independently owned screen print shop. Each tee design is custom printed by hand using vegan, organic water-based ink as opposed to petroleum-based ink more commonly used in the industry. Better for the environment, better for your skin!

A note on sizes: Currently, we are working with pre-manufactured garments.  Therefore, sizing is limited to what is available via our suppliers. We offer every size currently available in each style. Our tee drops are special and limited, especially as we grow our brand. If you see something you love in your size, go ahead and grab it! 


We love art! We love looking at art, we love making art, and we love wearing art! We work closely with commissioned illustrators to brainstorm original concepts exclusively for Babes Rage. Our collective of artists are cutting-edge illustrators you know and love! We believe in representation and equality in the art world, we love supporting artists, and we encourage the Go Go crew to do the same. Art makes the world a colorful place!

By The Babes, For The Babes

Our “By The Babes, For The Babes” approach means we view our tees as more than just apparel; our shirts are a canvas for showcasing one-of-a-kind art designed specifically for the Babes Rage Go Go crew by your favorite cutting-edge but retro-inspired illustrators.

Our model is cyclical, meaning the more you support us (The Babes), the more we can support your favorite artists (The Babes), the more we can provide our crew with groovy Go Go fashion.

Our goal isn’t to sell massive quantities of the same designs, or reproduce images from the past. Instead we continually commission new art–By The Babes, For The Babes!


Toxicity is OUT! High vibes are IN!

We believe in a non-toxic approach to life, increasing awareness and conscious consumption in the fashion industry. Which is why we are committed to providing sustainable, environmentally groovy tees for your Go Go Looks.  

It’s our vow to you (our Go Go crew) to protect you to the very best of our ability from harsh chemicals, toxic dyes, formaldehyde, and pesticides. 

Your body matters to us! Whether make-up, food, relationships, or clothing, we want to encourage babes to be mindful of making moves towards a more chemical-free, non-toxic existence. This doesn’t mean perfection. But it does mean taking care of our health, holding brands accountable for their products, shopping from small businesses, and supporting artists.

From the fabrics, to the inks utilized in printing designs on tees, we promise to keep it conscious and keep it clean (we’ll only get messy on the dance floor).  Vibe up and shine bright.  This is the Babes Rage lifestyle!

We fly!

Babes Rage founder Jenny - Art By Sharlene Artsy

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