Travel Dreams by Perry May

TRAVEL DREAMS BY PERRY MAY Meet Lawrence, Kansas-based young artist Perry May. Perry is a multi-talented creative, illustrator, and skilled ceramicist. We met Perry at a festival in Lawrence in the Fall when she expressed interest in designing for Babes Rage. … Read More

The Youth is our Future: Young Artists Project

THE YOUTH IS OUR FUTURE: YOUNG ARTISTS PROJECT Introducing Babes Rage, “The Youth is our Future: Young Artists Project.” This project aims to encourage and foster the growth of young artists who will be commissioned to produce new work for … Read More

Babes Rage x Golden Hippie

BABES RAGE x GOLDEN HIPPIE BLACK LIVES MATTER Together, Babes Rage and Golden Hippie Co enjoy a shared love of 60s and 70s inspired fashion, beauty, and vintage. However, there comes a time to stand up and speak out about … Read More