Sequin Fashion From The 60s and 70s

Sequin Fashion From The 60s and 70s

SEQUIN FASHION FROM THE 60s AND 70s EXPERIMENTAL FASHION IN THE 60s Sequin fashion from the 60s is a shiny sliver of an overall experimental fashion scene that really took off around 1964. Our Top 10 grooviest flight attendant uniforms highlights, … Read More

Best of Bob Mackie

BEST OF BOB MACKIE LATE 60s & 70s SHOW BUSINESS AND GLAM FASHION If you’re a fan of 60s and 70s entertainment, glamour and beyond, you’ve seen at least one (and most likely many more) fashion(s) by legendary designer, Bob … Read More

Features of Showgirl Go Go Looks

FEATURES OF SHOWGIRL GO GO LOOKS WHAT IS A SHOWGIRL GO GO LOOK? Every showgirl knows, in show business an entertainer exudes show-stopping, eye-catching opulence on stage. Through their presence and through their costumes. Rhinestones catch light. Fringe enhances movement … Read More

Mini Skirts Forever!

MINI SKIRTS FOREVER! MINI SKIRTS ARE FOR EVERYONE! Mini skirts forever and mini skirts for everyone! At Babes Rage, we love considering how fashion makes an impact. If you’re a babe who enjoys a higher hemline, you know that mini … Read More

Babes Rage Graphic Tee Model Search

BABES RAGE GRAPHIC TEE MODEL SEARCH Do you love 1960s and 1970s inspired fashion? Babes Rage is searching for 2-3 badass babes to model our brand new eco-groovy graphic tees while expressing the spirit of our lifestyle and motto, Babes … Read More

These Boots Are Made For Flyin’!

THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR FLYIN’! FLIGHT ATTENDANTS IN GO GO BOOTS Go Go dancers weren’t the only babes sporting go go boots in the mid-60s to early-70s. Flight attendants began wearing uniforms paired with go go boots during what … Read More

Can a shoe change history?

CAN A SHOE CHANGE HISTORY? THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE GO GO BOOT The go go boot is a quintessential symbol of the era from which it originated, the 1960s. This blog post considers the significance of the go go boot.  … Read More