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Our 70s Showgirl mini earring collection “Stars” is inspired by 70s Showgirl fashion, more specifically the iconic yellow Bob Mackie ensemble Cher wore to the 1973 Academy Awards pictured below.

The 5 Star 70s Showgirl Earrings are made with a mix of vintage, new, and repurposed components. Through these accessories we celebrate the glow, glamour, and opulent energy of  70s Showgirl Fashion.

These particular earrings have many fine metal jewelry and unusual vintage components. Materials are listed below in the the design description.

Design Description:

  • Sterling Silver earring wires
  • Sterling Silver and 14K Gold-filled jump rings (various sizes)
  • Sterling Silver chain
  • An unusual assortment of vintage brass stars
  • 1970s Gold-plated brass bar connector (with 4-rings)
  • Swarovski crystal star and beads

Please note: These earrings are a one of a kind, handle with care piece. If dropped on a hard surface, crystals may break, chip or shatter. Please be mindful, some of the star points are sharp and should not be worn to sleep in, etc.



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