Follow The Golden Road Eco-Friendly Graphic Tee. The true organic essence shines through in this super quality, rich natural color organic cotton tee. Slightly heavier than the viscose bamboo fabric. Perfect for Summer into Fall! This is a classic, Unisex tee based on a traditional men’s size scale and fit.

Tee Features:

  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton 
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly 
  • Rich color and durable, high-quality fabric 
  • Original design hand-printed with organic, water-based inks
  • Beautiful organic imperfections and striations 

Design Details:

Babes Rage Original Art Eco-Friendly Graphic Tee featuring custom art by Sinead Yau. Be an instant vibration raiser when you walk into any room wearing ‘Follow the Golden Road’ by Mojo Valley! ‘Follow the Golden Road’ design features a vibrant rainbow, retro color palette illustrating a scene that pays homage to Kansas-themed cinema classic, The Wizard of Oz. The golden road is surrounded by mushrooms, poppies, and crystals, OH MY! The viewer is invited to follow the golden road towards the setting sun in a fantasy land on the distant horizon. We’ll meet you there!

To learn more about Sinead Yau, check out the Mojo Valley shop. Read about the inspiration for the ‘Follow the Golden Road’ design on our blog.

Care Instructions:

Wash delicate cycle cold. Turn garment inside out to maximize vibrancy of the screen print. Do not bleach. Hang dry.

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