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Babes Rage design by Audrey Herbertson aka @auderpopz. These are opaque/solid decals. Fifteen come in a set, and they can be worn on natural or acrylic nails and work with regular or gel topcoats.

Cha Cha Covers water slide decals are durable and high quality and use non-toxic ingredients as sealants, unlike many. They work well on all surfaces and can be used on natural nails, acrylics or gels. They seal great under a regular top coat or a gel top coat and will last so long as they are protected under a top coat!

To apply:
1. Cut out decals, cutting out as close to the design
2. Apply a clear top coat which will serve as adhesive. You can also use cured gel polish as the tacky base layer to apply the decal.
3. Dip the decal in water for 5 seconds and slide the decal off the backing paper. Dap the decal on a paper towel to ensure the removal of excess water.
4. Apply decal to nail decal (ensure that top coat is still fresh and tacky so that it will stick). Slide into place and smooth down
5. Apply top coat to seal

The price includes domestic and global snail mail shipping. Enter coupon code: nails to apply free shipping. Our nail art decals are affordable and accessible to everyone worldwide. #BabesRageWorldWide We can’t wait to see your retro nail designs! Tag us @babesrage and @chachacovers!



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